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Gambling Horoscopes

Aries (21 March-20 April): You are a practical, persistent and determined. You tend to play one game, instead of branching out. You are very generous, and, when you win, you spread the wealth around!
Lucky Gambling Days: 2, 18; Lucky Games: Baccarat, slots.

Taurus (21 April-21 May): You are a gambler who pays attention to details. You are rational and consider your decisions carefully, which is why you can sometimes be slow in acting.
Lucky Gambling Days: 1, 24. Lucky Games: Keno, craps.

Gemini (22 May-22 June): You are a charmer who loves to talk! You enjoy the social side of gambling, so make friends while you play online with multi-player chat games!
Lucky Gambling Days: 13, 20. Lucky Games: Poker, blackjack.

Cancer (23 June-23 July): You are kind and considerate, and prefer games that do not pit you against other people because you can’t stand to see others lose!
Lucky Gambling Days: 28, 30. Lucky Games: Roulette, video poker.

Leo (24 July-23 August): You have a sunny disposition, and are fun and playful. You thrive on contact with others, so why not try playing your favorite online games with a live dealer?
Lucky Gambling Days: 6, 21. Lucky Games: Baccarat, sic bo.

Virgo (24 August-23 September): You are a hard- working perfectionist! You value cleanliness and health so, when you are playing at an online casino, make sure that you take breaks and sit properly to prevent back strain.
Lucky Gambling Days: 12, 17. Lucky Games: Poker, Arcade slots.

Libra (24 September-23 October): You are a great friend and partner, and thrive in very social environments. When you gamble online, check out the multi-player chat games!
Lucky Gambling Days: 1, 29. Lucky Games: Roulette, poker.

Scorpio (24 October-22 November): You have many friends, and are often easily influenced by others. When you gamble online, why not try a game that you’ve never played before?
Lucky Gambling Days: 22, 25. Lucky Games: Progressive slots, blackjack.

Sagittarius (23 November-22 December): You are so hard- working that some might even say that you are an over-achiever! Lighten up when you gamble online- this is your chance to relax!
Lucky Gambling Days: 4, 19. Lucky Games: Baccarat, roulette.

Capricorn (23 December-19 January): You tend to shy away from tough decisions, but don’t be afraid to seek advice. When you play casino games online, remember that the best sites have 24/7 customer support teams standing by.
Lucky Gambling Days: 12, 23. Lucky Games: Poker, slots.

Aquarius (20 January-19 February): Aquarius is a water sign, which means that you are an individualist who doesn’t like to follow the crowd. When you gamble online, you like to try new games constantly in order to satisfy to exploratory side of your personality.
Lucky Gambling Days: 15, 28. Lucky Games: Sic bo, New Generation Games.

Pisces (20 February-20 March): You are intuitive and rely on your instinct to make decisions. You are lucky in games that use your sixth sense.
Lucky Gambling Days: 15, 28. Lucky Games: Poker, progressive slots.